Celebrating cultural diversity and building a greater sense of belonging and cooperation

Dance and life skills workshops run weekly at schools, community centres, halls and council venues in rural and urban areas across Victoria. Camps, conferences and specialised workshops bring the diverse groups together on the holidays.

Participants come from diverse backgrounds including Refugees, Indigenous, International students, low-socio economic, rurally isolated and youth with disabilities. Creating a safe environment for people from diverse backgrounds is an important goal of Mayibuye. The comfort young people feel at our programs enables them to openly explore their problems, construct relationships and build respect and understanding through the language of dance. Our programs motivate people to think and share their ideas in an atmosphere of honesty facilitated by the unwavering commitment of our employees and volunteers.

These programs help create positive change in young people’s behaviours and their perception about life. Mayibuye forms groups where it’s cool to say no to negative peer pressures and instead have dreams and goals they are actively pursuing. There is a sense of family and belonging.

Mayibuye Performance Troupes currently run in Morwell, Preston, Dandenong, Collingwood and Sunshine. 


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