Mayibuye is a Zulu word from South Africa that means ‘bringing back what was lost’. It evokes a time when everyone was happy and life was simple, filled with singing and dancing. A time before the Apartheid and before the societal destruction inflicted by drugs, alcohol and HIV. 


Mayibuye aims to create generations of young people who believe that a better world is possible and are empowered and enthusiastic about seeing it happen within their life time. 


We are a community organisation that uses performing arts to facilitate educational opportunities for young people.

We Value
 – Creativity 
 – Diversity
 – Courage
 – Action
 – Inclusion

Priority Areas:

  • To create spaces which nurture young people’s ability to make healthy decision making
  • To facilitate opportunities for self-expression and give young people a voice through performing arts
  • To raise public awareness around the issues facing young people around the world
  • To provide volunteers with global perspectives and hands on experience in youth development
  • To improve the wellbeing of young people through life skill workshops and community involvement

Identified needs and focuses:


  • To celebrate cultural diversity and build a greater sense of belonging and cooperation


  • To increase young people’s access to art practices within educational systems

South Africa

  • To develop a generation who are equipped to lead their community forward and act as positive role models


  • Providing outlets of self-expression for youth who have been orphaned due to street violence and civil unrest.


  • Increasing young people’s connectivity with their community through creative activities which strengthen self-expression and pride.


  • Bringing childlike experiences to children of brothel workers.


Mayibuye was founded in 2009 by Sipho Khomo, Daniel Perkins, Jennifer Smith and Kumari Middleton. During a Youth Forum run by The Oaktree Foundation, an idea was developed by Sipho called Mayibuye, which supported young people in his township of South Africa through their love for the performing arts. Together Sipho, Dan, Jen and Kumari developed the idea to also include a life skills component for a greater impact.

In June 2009, we ran a volunteering trip to South Africa with 6 young Australians to launch Mayibuye in South Africa. What an incredible experience that was! Seeing the idea come to life, and the impact our programs were having in the lives of youth living in Hammarsdale. Our South African programs are now delivered in 4 townships.

Upon returning Australia, the team realised the program would also work really well there too. We first started working in the regional community of Morwell, and expanded to Melbourne, Wonthaggi, Alexander, Preston, Dandenong, Collingwood, Flemington, Narre Warren, Sunshine and Hoppers Crossing.

During our journey we met people and organisations who saw the need for our programs in their country, and were committed to making it happen. This saw Mayibuye move into Cambodia, India, Egypt and Brazil.

In 2013, we  created a one year Certificate III in Community in partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic. This course is designed to support students who are passionate about dance, but unable to purse a professional career as a performer instead they are training to be a community arts teachers. The course ran for 2 years until the subsidised funding option wasn’t available to students anymore. We hope to launch the course again in the future but want it to be open to all, regardless of a students financial circumstances.

In 2017 we launched a social enterprise called CARE TWO DANCE in Melbourne. A commercial dance school which funds youth initiatives around the world through a one for one model. www.caretwodance.com

We have and have had so many amazing young people work for Mayibuye and help us grow to this point. We are also thankful to our funders and partners around the world, for believing in us and the power of the arts.

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