Mayibuye is a youth-led community organisation, which uses performing arts to facilitate educational opportunities for young people, who are vulnerable to negative peer pressures and at risk behaviour.

We ENGAGE youth through performing arts, EDUCATE around the issues facing their communities such as HIV, substance abuse, bullying and racism, and then EMPOWER them to become positive role models and leaders by putting on performances which promote healthy decision making throughout their communities.


Mayibuye aims to create generations of young people who believe that a better world is possible and who are empowered and enthusiastic about seeing it happen within their life time.

Mayibuye Meaning

Mayibuye is a Zulu word from South Africa that means ‘bringing back what was lost’. It evokes a time when everyone was happy and life was simple, filled with singing and dancing. A time before the Apartheid and before the societal destruction inflicted by drugs, alcohol and HIV.

Dance Domination

Mayibuye is currently working in South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Cambodia, Egypt and India.

'Bringing back what was lost'