Young people are the future of the world, however today more than ever they face a range of challenges. 

Those living in developing communities are vulnerable to cultural conflict, sexual exploitation, HIV, mental illness, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. If these problems are neglected the potential of these young people can deteriorate, creating more serious long-term problems such as criminal activity, chronic illness, violence, homelessness and welfare dependency.

Our social purpose is to engage vulnerable and at-risk young people through dance and create a generation of young people who believe a brighter future is possible. Dance workshops are coupled with structured life skills and mentoring workshops, ensuring that youth are equipped with knowledge and skills to lead and promote a healthy lifestyle and create positive change within their local communities.


Mayibuye was founded in 2009 by Sipho Khomo, Daniel Perkins, Jennifer Smith and Kumari Middleton.

During a Youth Forum run by The Oaktree Foundation, an idea which was developed by Sipho called Mayibuye, which supported young people in his township of South Africa through their love for the performing arts. Together Sipho, Dan, Jen and Kumari developed the idea, to also include life skills for a greater impact.

In June 2009, we ran a volunteering trip to South Africa with 6 young Australians to launch Mayibuye in South Africa. What an incredible experience that was! Seeing the idea come to life, and the impact our programs were having in the lives of youth living in Hammarsdale. Sipho and Dan, staying in South Africa to continue running the program which is now delivered in 4 townships.

Upon returning Australia, the team realised the program would also work really well there too. We first started working in the regional community of Morwell, and expanded to Melbourne, Wonthaggi, Alexander, Preston, Dandenong, Collingwood, Flemington, Narre Warren and Hoppers Crossing.

During our journey we met people and organisations who saw the need for our programs in their country, and were committed to making it happen. This saw Mayibuye move into Cambodia, India, Egypt and Brazil. In each location we have a team, including a country manager and local volunteers for deliver the initiatives.

In 2013, we saw the need to establish a pathway course for our students. We created a one year Certificate III in Community in partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic. This course is designed to support students who are passionate about dance, but unable to purse a professional career as a performer instead they are training to be a community arts teachers.

At the beginning of 2015 Mayibuye merged with Cultural Infusion, a larger organisation with a similar vision. Today are the Community and Youth Department at Cultural Infusion, continuing to run our Mayibuye Performance Troupes, International Tours, Certificate III in Community dance, conferences and camps. We are also looking for our launch in Pakistan and Indonesia this year.

We are based in Collingwood, and look forward to developing our new home into a social enterprise called CARE TWO DANCE. A commercial dance school which will fund our youth initiatives around the world.

We have had so many amazing young people work for Mayibuye and help us grow to this point. From our country managers to those providing operational support to one-off workshop facilitators… we are very grateful! We are also thankful to our funders and partners around the world, for believing in us and the power of the arts.

Mayibuye continues to be run by an amazing family of young people, however we are now apart of Cultural Infusion.


Mayibuye Performance Troupes

Youth from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 12-25 participate in 2 hours workshops each week in their local area. Participants connect through dance classes and our life skills curriculum which develops leadership, cultural competencies, problem solving and creative thinking. The groups have performance opportunities, and participate in our annual conferences and holiday programs.

International Volunteering Tours

Our international volunteering tours allow people to visit our projects whilst also learning about a new culture and way of life. Participants work with our local troupes and enjoy traditional homestays, local cuisines and township tours. They also participate in community outreach activities and visit other not for profits organisations whilst also experiencing tourist landmarks, activities and events.

Certificate III in Community Dance

In 2013, we created a Certificate III in Community Dance which was launched in 2014 under the auspice of Melbourne Polytechnic. The 1 year full-time course is designed to prepare students with the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and real experience needed to work within the community arts sector.

Mayibuye Schools Initiative

Programs for disadvantaged schools that are unable to offer artistic or performing arts classes. Art and dance classes develop creativity, problem solving, co- operation, physical and mental health, self-expression and initiative. Students participate in classes on a weekly basis.

Stand Centre Front – Young Performers Conference

A 2 day ‘Young Performers Conference’ which brings youth together to learn, be inspired and share their passions.  Participants network with artists and community leaders, and learn new performance skills from industry professionals.

Tough Chicks Confi’dance Program

A self-defence and hip hop dance program designed to educate young women about safety at home, online and on the streets. The program also features an inspiring panel discussion with prominent women and community role models.

Diversity Days

A day of workshops for schools designed to build awareness and understanding among youth. Our interactive workshops focus on 3 topics: gender, multiculturalism and disability. Workshops are fun, interactive and include elements of theatre and dance.

Care Two Dance

Care Two Dance is a new social enterprise dance school set to launch in 2016.

Care Two Dance will directly fund Cultural Infusion’s outreach programs “Mayibuye Performance Troupes” which use performing arts to empower vulnerable young people in Australia, South Africa, Cambodia, India, Egypt and Brazil.

This is done by introducing a one for one model. When you do a dance class at Care Two Dance you will also be providing a dance class to a young person in need.


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